All hail our Samin Nosrat, ruler of screen, bookshelf and newsprint! She’s in The New York Times Magazine this end of the week with a fabulous “Eat” segment about the youthful cook Ella Kerr, whose formula for seared cauliflower steaks is on the menu at Standard Fare in Berkeley, where her mom Kelsie Kerr is the culinary expert. I’d like to cook that today, layer it into a sandwich as though I were Tyler Kord, put some potato chips and smoked French dressing on it, a few scallions, eat it excursion style in the yard or a recreation center, at dusk.

On the whole, a late informal breakfast: Daniela Galarza’s new formula for the soufflĂ©-like sugary treat known as a Japanese hotcake (above), which she expounded on this week and I’d like with a heap of sweet, flawless blueberries. (On the off chance that they’re not immaculate, don’t get them. Get strawberries rather, or simply ready bananas to cut into coins.)

Monday, what about pasta with browned cuts of lemon and a lot of chile chips, another meatless feast with flavor for miles?

I’ll get you a nonexistent table at Rao’s on Tuesday night, and you can serve yourself the chicken scarpariello on it. (Envision yourself playing cards in the kitchen a short time later, with Shawn and Harvey.)

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